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Card Set:
Easy Conversations For Beginners

Description: This card set contains about 270 Easy English conversations with audio & text to improve your speaking skills.

Contents (Cards):

1. Daily Life: I Live in Pasadena
2. Daily Life: I Have a Honda
3. Daily Life: Do You Have a Girlfriend?
4. Daily Life: Walking the Dog
5. Daily Life: Borrowing Money
6. Daily Life: Going to the Beach
7. Daily Life: My Wife Left Me
8. Daily Life: What's on TV?
9. Daily Life: A Nice Place to Live
10. Daily Life: The New Mattress
11. Daily Life: My Laptop Is So Slow
12. Daily Life: How about a Pizza?
13. Daily Life: The New House
14. Daily Life: Fish Are Everywhere
15. Daily Life: A Bad Boyfriend
16. Daily Life: Talking Animals
17. Daily Life: Housecleaning Day
18. Daily Life: A TV Lover
19. Daily Life: Write to Your Grandma
20. Daily Life: Are You Sleepy?
21. Daily Life: God Is Watching
22. Daily Life: Feed the Cat
23. Daily Life: Shave Your Face
24. Daily Life: Two Polite People
25. Daily Life: Give Me a Puppy
26. Daily Life: Kittens to Give Away
27. Daily Life: Happy in Heaven
28. Daily Life: His Line Is Never Busy
29. Daily Life: Friday the 13th
30. Daily Life: Do You Love Me?
31. Daily Life: Dad Has a Girlfriend
32. Daily Life: What's That Smell?
33. Daily Life: They Deliver
34. Daily Life: A Lost Button
35. Daily Life: Did You Say Something?
36. Daily Life: Washed and Folded
37. Daily Life: Talk Radio
38. Daily Life: A Bad Diet
39. Daily Life: A Ham Sandwich
40. Daily Life: Time for Your Bath
41. Daily Life: A Black Screen
42. Daily Life: A New Hard Drive
43. Daily Life: Your Email Address
44. Daily Life: Time for a Nap
45. Daily Life: Thinking about His Funeral
46. Daily Life: The Elephant
47. Daily Life: You Can Have Some of My Friends
48. Daily Life: If You Cheat, You Will Die
49. Daily Life: Let's Not Go Out
50. Daily Life: Fill Out the Form
51. Daily Life: The Animal Shelter
52. Daily Life: Is It Raining?
53. Daily Life: It's So Hot
54. Daily Life: A Snowman
55. Daily Life: The ATM
56. Daily Life: Move the Blue Bin
57. Daily Life: Digital TV
58. Daily Life: Just Shoot Me
59. Daily Life: Don't Be a Racist
60. Daily Life: Use a Tissue
61. Daily Life: Two Little Ones
62. Daily Life: But Is It Art?
63. Daily Life: Life Is for Living
64. Daily Life: A Tough Choice
65. Daily Life: Patch It or Sew It?
66. Daily Life: What's So Funny?
67. Daily Life: Spanish Spoken Here
68. Daily Life: It's the Only Earth We've Got
69. Daily Life: No Time for Rhyme
70. Daily Life: Dumb and Happy
71. Daily Life: Live from NBC 4!
72. Daily Life: Life after Death
73. Daily Life: Wipe Your Feet
74. Daily Life: Mother's Day
75. Daily Life: A New Flag
76. Daily Life: Work up an Appetite
77. Daily Life: Dialing for a Dollar
78. School Life: I Go to College
79. School Life: A Lost Pen
80. School Life: Gravity for All
81. School Life: New Glasses
82. School Life: School Items
83. School Life: A Good Magazine
84. School Life: Shake Your Pen
85. School Life: Do Your Homework
86. School Life: The Soldier
87. School Life: The English Major
88. School Life: No Parking
89. School Life: Keep Your Eyes Open
90. School Life: Two Plus Two
91. School Life: Prayers
92. School Life: Hit and Run
93. Transportation: What Will People Think?
94. Transportation: Don't Ride the Bus
95. Transportation: Don't Cut the Tires
96. Transportation: The Crosswalk
97. Transportation: It's Okay to Speed
98. Transportation: Check Your Tires
99. Transportation: Don't Be in a Hurry
100. Transportation: A New Car
101. Transportation: I'm Going to Explode
102. Transportation: The Missing Car
103. Transportation: Too Many Cars
104. Transportation: Don't Call the Police
105. Transportation: Wash the Car
106. Transportation: Windy Weather
107. Transportation: Two Birds with One Stone
108. Transportation: Beat the Light
109. Transportation: A Dream Car
110. Transportation: A Bad Driver?
111. Transportation: A Slow Walker
112. Transportation: Hit and Run
113. Transportation: Beware the Carts
114. Entertainment: A Great Movie
115. Entertainment: A Card Game
116. Entertainment: I Have Four Aces
117. Entertainment: Too Much Volume
118. Entertainment: Don't Waste Your Money
119. Entertainment: Rained Out
120. Entertainment: A Sip of Coffee
121. Entertainment: A Chilly Day
122. Entertainment: A Crazy Driver
123. Entertainment: It Isn't News
124. Entertainment: The Great Wall
125. Entertainment: The Beatles
126. Entertainment: See a Movie
127. Entertainment: People-Watching
128. Entertainment: Free Money
129. Entertainment: Old Movies
130. Entertainment: Something for Nothing
131. Entertainment: Judge Judy
132. Entertainment: A Good Singer
133. Entertainment: Going Digital
134. Dating: A Blind Date
135. Dating: Let's Have Dinner
136. Dating: Blue Eyes
137. Dating: True Love
138. Dating: Ask Her Out
139. Dating: A Night by Himself
140. Dating: Go on a Blind Date
141. Dating: Two Pineapples
142. Dating: One Date Only
143. Dating: A Bad Date
144. Dating: Sweet Dreams
145. Dating: I Love You More than Money
146. Dating: A Good Nose
147. Eating Out: I Feel Like Chinese
148. Eating Out: A Slow Burger
149. Eating Out: A Good Lunch
150. Eating Out: A Bad Steak
151. Eating Out: Dirty Nails
152. Eating Out: Hot Bread
153. Eating Out: Fear of Germs
154. Eating Out: Bad Service
155. Eating Out: A Good Table
156. Eating Out: Do I Hear $60,000?
157. Sports: Take Me to the Ball Game
158. Sports: Golf Is Silly
159. Sports: Fresh Fish
160. Sports: I Love Baseball
161. Sports: New Shoes
162. Sports: I'm Worried about Tiger
163. Sports: Where Is Tiger From?
164. Sports: Babe Ruth
165. Sports: The Season's Over
166. Sports: Cheap Seats
167. Sports: Golf Is No Picnic
168. Sports: A Player Cheats
169. Safety: Too Much Crime
170. Safety: No One Ever Leaves
171. Safety: Fire and Smoke
172. Safety: Play with Fire
173. Safety: Fasten Your Seatbelt
174. Safety: Use the Stepladder
175. Safety: A Puddle on the Floor
176. Safety: The Fire Alarm
177. Safety: Double-Check Everything
178. Safety: Guns for ALL
179. Safety: Crime Reduction
180. Safety: Two Different States
181. Travel: Beautiful Hawaii
182. Travel: A Real Meal
183. Travel: New Sheets
184. Travel: The Airport
185. Travel: A Christmas Flight
186. Travel: Fear of Flying
187. Travel: Row Your Boat
188. Travel: A Cruise
189. Travel: Prepare for Takeoff
190. Travel: The Grand Canyon
191. Travel: Hotel Hell
192. Travel: A Long Day
193. Travel: A Free Trip
194. Travel: Serving Your Country
195. Jobs: I Need a Job
196. Jobs: Before Going to an Interview
197. Jobs: Work Is Hard
198. Jobs: Peas in a Pod
199. Jobs: I Am a Babysitter
200. Jobs: Hire Me
201. Jobs: What If?
202. Jobs: Become a Teacher
203. Jobs: Over and Over
204. Jobs: A Bad Boss
205. Jobs: Light My Fire
206. Jobs: Still Working
207. Jobs: All His Eggs in One Basket
208. Jobs: His Parents Are Disappointed
209. Jobs: Nice Doggy
210. Jobs: Knock, Knock!
211. Food: A Good Salad
212. Food: We Get Cheese from Cows
213. Food: I Used to Work in a Deli
214. Food: A New Diet
215. Food: Bad Manners
216. Food: Same Old Diet
217. Food: A Pink Orange
218. Food: Roasted or Boiled
219. Food: A Pound a Week
220. Food: No More for Me
221. Food: Don't Be Lazy
222. Shopping: I Like That Shirt
223. Shopping: Pants That Fit
224. Shopping: The Shopping List
225. Shopping: Poor Pockets
226. Shopping: Wipe Everything
227. Shopping: The 99 Cents Store
228. Shopping: PC or Mac?
229. Shopping: Bad Business
230. Shopping: Sharpen the Pencil
231. Shopping: To Save Money
232. Housing: A New House
233. Housing: We Can't Afford This House
234. Housing: On the Corner
235. Housing: A Great Apartment
236. Housing: Fix the Doorbell
237. Housing: Almost Perfect
238. Housing: Life Was Hard
239. Housing: Sell Now
240. Housing: Who Cares?
241. Housing: Hungry Bears
242. Voting: Yes, We Can
243. Voting: Don't Vote for Him
244. Voting: He Got Reelected
245. Voting: Change Is Good
246. Voting: A Powerful Position
247. Voting: A Traveling Man
248. Voting: Vote for Ralph
249. Voting: Why Vote?
250. Voting: Every Vote Counts
251. Voting: George Tells Jokes
252. Voting: Give Them More
253. Voting: They're Lying
254. Health: A Stomachache
255. Health: A Blood Stain
256. Health: Sore Fingers
257. Health: Too Much Stress
258. Health: A Paper Cut
259. Health: Cigarette Smoke
260. Health: Nose Drops
261. Health: Skin Cancer
262. Health: Quitting Smoking
263. Health: A Bad Back
264. Health: Three a Day
265. Health: Brush, Brush
266. Health: A Hot Hike
267. Health: Another Pimple
268. Health: No Need to Worry
269. Health: Use a Tissue
270. Health: A Dirty Remote
271. Health: An Earful of Pain
272. Health: A New Face
273. Health: A Sore Hand

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