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Card Set:
English Conversations For Intermediate

Description: This card set contains about 490 English conversations with audio & text for Intermediate learners cover many speaking topics to improve your speaking skills.

Contents (Cards):

1. Small Talk: Greetings
2. Small Talk: Weather (1)
3. Small Talk: Weather (2)
4. Small Talk: Weather (3)
5. Small Talk: Calling a Friend
6. Small Talk: Describing People
7. Small Talk: Expressing Concern for Someone
8. Small Talk: Expressing Joy at Someone's Success
9. Small Talk: Complimenting Someone's Clothes
10. Small Talk: Leisure Activities
11. Small Talk: Favorite Movie
12. Small Talk: Favorite Music
13. Small Talk: Sports
14. Small Talk: Invitation to a Movie
15. Small Talk: A Sick Classmate
16. Small Talk: Sharing News and Information
17. Small Talk: Changing the Subject
18. Small Talk: Receiving Visitors
19. Small Talk: Waiting for an Invitation
20. Small Talk: Accepting an Invitation to a Party
21. Small Talk: Declining an Invitation to a Party (1)
22. Small Talk: Declining an Invitation to a Party (2)
23. Small Talk: Ending a Conversation
24. Small Talk: Leave-Taking
25. College Life: Registering for a Class
26. College Life: Meeting New Students
27. College Life: Finding a Classroom
28. College Life: Buying Textbooks
29. College Life: Talking about a Professor
30. College Life: Making an Appointment with Your Professor
31. College Life: Turning Homework in Late
32. College Life: Finding an Error in Your Test Score
33. College Life: Borrowing Class Notes
34. College Life: Grading Policy
35. College Life: Discussing Your Grades with Your Professor
36. College Life: Talking to Professor about Being Absent
37. College Life: Talking to Professor about Leaving Early
38. College Life: Talking to a Counselor
39. College Life: Adding a Class
40. College Life: Date and Time of a Field Trip
41. College Life: Where to Buy Lunch
42. College Life: Using a Vending Machine
43. College Life: Getting a Library Card
44. College Life: Returning Overdue Books
45. College Life: Using a Parking Meter
46. College Life: Purchasing a Parking Permit
47. College Life: Parking at School
48. College Life: Fighting a Parking Ticket
49. At the Library: Applying for a Library Card
50. At the Library: Applying for a Passport
51. At the Library: Asking Questions at the Information Desk
52. At the Library: Asking the Librarian for Assistance
53. At the Library: Reserving a Book
54. At the Library: Late Fees
55. At the Library: Borrowing a Book from Another Library
56. At the Library: Checking Out a Book
57. At the Library: Checking Out a Magazine
58. At the Library: Checking Out a Video
59. At the Library: Paying for Damage Made to a Book
60. At the Library: Returning Books Late
61. At the Library: Using a Computer
62. At the Library: Using a Copier
63. Transferring to a University: Transfer Plans
64. Transferring to a University: What College to Transfer to
65. Transferring to a University: Classes Taken for Transfer
66. Transferring to a University: Classes Needed for Transfer
67. Transferring to a University: Filling out a College Application
68. Transferring to a University: Registering for Classes Needed for Transfer
69. Transferring to a University: Talking to a Counselor about Transferring
70. Transferring to a University: Asking a Professor to Write a Reference Letter
71. Transferring to a University: Deciding not to Transfer
72. Transferring to a University: Accepted to a University
73. Transferring to a University: Before Transferring to a New School
74. Transferring to a University: First Day at a New School
75. Transferring to a University: Transferring from another school
76. Socializing: Going to a Party
77. Socializing: Making Plans for the Weekend
78. Socializing: Inviting a Friend to a Birthday Party
79. Socializing: Inviting Boss to a Dinner Party
80. Socializing: Accepting Invitation to a Party
81. Socializing: Buying Flowers
82. Socializing: Choosing a Gift
83. Socializing: Greeting a Visitor
84. Socializing: Greeting an Old Friend
85. Socializing: Accepting Food or Drinks
86. Socializing: Declining Food or Drinks
87. Socializing: Gossiping
88. Socializing: Wedding Discussion
89. Socializing: Going to the Beach
90. Dating: Dating Discussion
91. Dating: Asking for a Date (1)
92. Dating: Asking for a Date (2)
93. Dating: Meeting a Blind Date
94. Dating: Calling After the Date
95. Dating: An Argument
96. Dating: Rejecting an Invitation
97. Dating: Stopping the Relationship
98. Renting an Apartment: Scheduling an Apartment Viewing
99. Renting an Apartment: A Broken Window
100. Renting an Apartment: Asking about Public Transportation
101. Renting an Apartment: Interviewing a Potential Roommate
102. Renting an Apartment: Garbage Disposal
103. Renting an Apartment: Security Deposit
104. Renting an Apartment: Warning about Late Rent Payment
105. Renting an Apartment: Checking Smoke Detectors
106. Renting an Apartment: Mailbox Key Missing
107. Renting an Apartment: Calling the Landlord about Moving Out
108. Renting an Apartment: Looking for an Apartment
109. Renting an Apartment: Subleasing
110. Renting an Apartment: Responding to an Ad for Roommates
111. Renting an Apartment: Finding an Apartment
112. Renting an Apartment: Asking about the Apartment Location
113. Renting an Apartment: Asking about the Neighborhood
114. Renting an Apartment: Asking about Safety Features
115. Renting an Apartment: Asking about Floor Plan
116. Renting an Apartment: Visiting a Rental Agent
117. Renting an Apartment: Discrimination
118. Renting an Apartment: Make an Appointment for an Apartment Viewing
119. Renting an Apartment: Talking about the Lease
120. Renting an Apartment: Negotiating the Price (1)
121. Renting an Apartment: Negotiating the Price (2)
122. Renting an Apartment: Policy Towards Pets
123. Renting an Apartment: Checking the Apartment for Anything Damaged
124. Renting an Apartment: Asking a Friend to Help Move In
125. Renting an Apartment: Calling a Moving Company
126. Renting an Apartment: Calling the Water Company
127. Renting an Apartment: Where to Put the Furniture
128. Renting an Apartment: Greeting a Neighbor
129. Renting an Apartment: Prohibited Parking
130. Renting an Apartment: Trash and Recycling
131. Renting an Apartment: Laundry Room Rules and Hours
132. Renting an Apartment: Neighbors and Help
133. Renting an Apartment: Visitors and Extra Tenants
134. Renting an Apartment: Locked Out
135. Renting an Apartment: Noisy Neighbors
136. Renting an Apartment: Asking the Neighbor Not to Make Noise
137. Renting an Apartment: Poor Area Lighting
138. Renting an Apartment: Fumigation and Relocation for a Night
139. Renting an Apartment: Key and Lock Problems
140. Renting an Apartment: Calling the Landlord to Report a Leak
141. Renting an Apartment: Roof Leaking
142. Renting an Apartment: Plumbing
143. Renting an Apartment: Threatening not to Rent
144. Renting an Apartment: Poor Upkeep
145. Renting an Apartment: Asking the Landlord about Fixing a Problem
146. Renting an Apartment: Explaining the Problem to the Plumber
147. Renting an Apartment: Calling the Police about a Burglary
148. Renting an Apartment: Talking about Apartment Upgrades
149. Renting an Apartment: Moving Out
150. Renting an Apartment: Eviction Notice
151. Renting an Apartment: Getting the Deposit Back
152. Taking the Bus: Asking about Where to Get Off
153. Taking the Bus: Asking for a Transfer
154. Taking the Bus: Complaining about a Late Bus
155. Taking the Bus: Getting Off Too Early
156. Taking the Bus: How to Buy a Pass
157. Taking the Bus: On a Wrong Bus
158. Taking the Bus: Student Discount
159. Taking the Bus: Talking to Someone on a Bus
160. Taking the Bus: The Bus System in LA
161. Taking the Bus: Where to Buy a Pass
162. Taking the Bus: Where to Take the Bus
163. Taking the Bus: Where to Change the Bus
164. Taking the Bus: Which Bus to Take
165. Taking the Bus: Why to Buy a Pass
166. Daily Life: Calling Credit Card Company
167. Daily Life: Disputing a Charge
168. Daily Life: Ordering Cable Services
169. Daily Life: Inquiring About Internet Services
170. Daily Life: Installing High Speed Internet
171. Daily Life: Reporting an Internet Problem
172. Daily Life: Asking for Credit for Service Interrupted
173. Daily Life: Troubleshooting a Computer Problem
174. Daily Life: Making an Appointment to Have a Haircut
175. Daily Life: Making Requests to the Hairdresser
176. Daily Life: Paying the Hairdresser
177. Daily Life: Complaining to the Hairdresser
178. Daily Life: Talking to People at the Laundromat
179. Daily Life: Operating the Washer and Dryer
180. Daily Life: Returning a Call to Child's Teacher at School
181. Daily Life: Meeting Child's Teacher at School
182. Daily Life: Asking Someone to Run Errands
183. Daily Life: Riding the Bus
184. Daily Life: Talking with Angry Parent
185. Daily Life: Cleaning Up the Room
186. Daily Life: Buying a Burrito
187. Daily Life: Caring for Puppies
188. Daily Life: Cooking Dinner
189. Daily Life: Washing Clothes
190. Daily Life: Time for Bed
191. Daily Life: Waking Up for School
192. Shopping: Talking to Someone about a Sweater
193. Shopping: Shopping for a Sweater
194. Shopping: After Trying on the Sweater
195. Shopping: Returning a Radio (1)
196. Shopping: Returning a Radio (2)
197. Shopping: Exchanging a DVD Player
198. Shopping: Exchanging a DVD
199. Shopping: Looking for a Perfect Gift (1)
200. Shopping: Looking for a Perfect Gift (2)
201. Shopping: Applying for a Credit Card (1)
202. Shopping: Applying for a Credit Card (2)
203. Shopping: The Sale Is Over
204. Shopping: Misleading Advertisement
205. Shopping: Exchanging a Dress
206. Shopping: Buying Flowers
207. Shopping: Going to an Antique Shop
208. Shopping: Buying a Pan
209. Shopping: Grocery Shopping (1)
210. Shopping: Grocery Shopping (2)
211. Shopping: Buying Business Cards
212. Shopping: Flea Markets
213. Shopping: Asking about a Furniture Set
214. Shopping: Buying a Refrigerator
215. Shopping: Calling to Reschedule a Time
216. Shopping: Shopping Budget
217. Shopping: Getting Things Fixed
218. Shopping: Making a Shopping List
219. Shopping: Negotiating a Price
220. Shopping: Not Delivered on Time
221. Shopping: Returning a Defective Item
222. Shopping: Scheduling a Delivery
223. Shopping: Shopping for New Clothes
224. Shopping: Trying on a New Outfit
225. Shopping: Warranty Expired
226. Shopping: Where to Buy What
227. At the Bank: Setting up a Bank Account
228. At the Bank: Asking about Checks
229. At the Bank: Making a Deposit
230. At the Bank: Making a Withdrawal
231. At the Bank: A Check Bounces
232. At the Bank: Transferring Money
233. At the Bank: Canceling an Account
234. At the Bank: Cashing a Check
235. At the Bank: Canceling a Check
236. At the Bank: Using the ATM
237. At the Bank: The Card Gets Declined
238. At the Bank: Asking about Fees
239. At the Bank: Paying Fees
240. At the Bank: Minimum Balance Requirement
241. At the Bank: Not Getting a Bank Statement
242. At the Bank: Reporting Wrong Charges
243. At the Bank: Opening Another Account
244. Food: Breakfast
245. Food: Lunch
246. Food: Dinner
247. Food: Drinks
248. Food: Fruit
249. Food: Salads
250. Food: Desserts
251. Food: Meat
252. Food: Snacks
253. Food: Vegetables
254. Food: Nutrition of Foods
255. Food: Foods Available at the Cafeteria (1)
256. Food: Foods Available at the Cafeteria (2)
257. Food: Ordering Food at the Cafeteria (1)
258. Food: Ordering Food at the Cafeteria (2)
259. Food: Where to Buy Food
260. Food: Making a Shopping List
261. Food: Buying Meat
262. Food: Comparing Foods from Different Stores
263. Food: Finding Foods in the Supermarket
264. Food: How to Cook a Meal
265. At a Restaurant: Choosing a Good Restaurant
266. At a Restaurant: Making a Reservation
267. At a Restaurant: Being Seated at the Restaurant
268. At a Restaurant: Ordering Food and Drinks
269. At a Restaurant: Ordering Appetizers
270. At a Restaurant: Ordering Main Entree
271. At a Restaurant: Ordering Drinks
272. At a Restaurant: Ordering Dessert
273. At a Restaurant: A Mistake by the Waitress
274. At a Restaurant: Making Positive Comments on Food
275. At a Restaurant: Making Negative Comments on Food
276. At a Restaurant: Good Tips for Good Service
277. At a Restaurant: Little Tips for Bad Service
278. At a Restaurant: Talking Positvely About the Restaurant
279. At a Restaurant: Talking Negatively About the Restaurant
280. At a Restaurant: Ordering Fast Food
281. Buying a Car: Asking a Friend About Car Insurance
282. Buying a Car: Buying Insurance
283. Buying a Car: Deciding to Buy the Car
284. Buying a Car: Declining to Buy the Car
285. Buying a Car: Detecting a Problem with the Car
286. Buying a Car: How to Pay for the Used Car
287. Buying a Car: Making an Appointment with the DMV
288. Buying a Car: Negotiating a Price with a Student
289. Buying a Car: Negotiating a Price with a Dealer
290. Buying a Car: Test Driving the Car
291. Buying a Car: Title Transfer
292. Buying a Car: Where to Buy a Used Car
293. Buying a Car: At the Window of the DMV
294. Driving: Applying For a Driving Permit
295. Driving: Taking the Written Test
296. Driving: Learning How to Drive (1)
297. Driving: Learning How to Drive (2)
298. Driving: Failing the Road Test
299. Driving: Passing the Road Test
300. Driving: Getting the Driver's License
301. Driving: Asking Where to Park on Campus
302. Driving: Getting a Parking Ticket
303. Driving: Paying Off Parking Tickets
304. Driving: Failing to Stop at a Stop Sign
305. Driving: Driving Through a Red Light
306. Driving: Fighting a Ticket in Court (1)
307. Driving: Fighting a Ticket in Court (2)
308. Driving: Paying the Ticket Fine
309. Driving: Calling a Traffic School to Make an Appointment
310. Driving: Talking to the Traffic School Instructor
311. Driving: A Traffic Incident
312. Driving: A Car Accident
313. Driving: Calling the Insurance Company
314. Health: Health Insurance
315. Health: A Medical Emergency
316. Health: Going to an Emergency Room
317. Health: A Stomachache
318. Health: A Toothache
319. Health: Buying Over-the-Counter Medicine
320. Health: Filling Prescription
321. Health: Calling about Test Results
322. Health: Calling in Sick
323. Health: Missing Classes
324. Health: Discussing Test Results
325. Health: Changing an Appointment Time
326. Health: Going Home Early Because Of Being Ill
327. Health: Having a Blood Test in the Lab
328. Health: Having a Cold
329. Health: Making a Doctor's Appointment
330. Health: Blood Pressure
331. Health: Not Feeling Well
332. Health: Physical Check-up
333. Health: Seeing a Doctor in an Emergency
334. Health: Taking an X-Ray
335. Health: Seeing the Doctor
336. Health: Talking to the Doctor about Problems
337. Health: How to Stay Healthy
338. Health: Prescribing Medicine
339. Employment: How to Find a Job
340. Employment: Preparing for a Job Interview
341. Employment: Greeting by Receptionist
342. Employment: Job Interview (1)
343. Employment: Job Interview (2)
344. Employment: Asking Questions at an Interview
345. Employment: Accepting a Job Offer
346. Employment: Talking on the Phone
347. Employment: Making a Request for Office Supplies
348. Employment: Offering Help
349. Employment: Asking for Help
350. Employment: Responding to a Plea for Help
351. Employment: How to Do a Timesheet
352. Employment: Making a Phone Call
353. Employment: Making an Appointment for a Meeting
354. Employment: Rearranging an Appointment
355. Employment: Giving an Excuse for Being Late to Work
356. Employment: Accepting Excuses for Not Meeting Commitments
357. Employment: Asking for a Description of a Person
358. Employment: Asking for Permission
359. Employment: Agreement and Disagreement
360. Employment: Certainty and Uncertainty
361. Employment: Likes and Dislikes
362. Employment: Making Promises
363. Unemployment: Collecting Unemployment Benefits
364. Unemployment: Forms to Fill Out
365. Unemployment: Questions about the Forms
366. Unemployment: EDD Office
367. Unemployment: Payment Not Received
368. Unemployment: Reduced Payment
369. Unemployment: Looking for Jobs at EDD
370. Unemployment: Talking to People at EDD
371. Unemployment: Attending a Workshop at EDD
372. Unemployment: How to Go to an Interview
373. Unemployment: Finding a Job
374. Travel: Visiting a Travel Agent
375. Travel: Making a Plane Reservation
376. Travel: Booking a Flight Online
377. Travel: Buying a Plane Ticket
378. Travel: Making a Hotel Reservation
379. Travel: Getting a Passport
380. Travel: Luggage Limits
381. Travel: Carry-on Luggage
382. Travel: Dropping Off at the Airport
383. Travel: Picking Up at the Airport
384. Travel: Going through the Customs
385. Travel: Talking to a Curbside Agent
386. Travel: Talking to a Flight Attendant
387. Travel: Talking to a Seatmate
388. Travel: Ordering Food and Drink
389. Travel: Missing Connecting Flight
390. Travel: Ground Transportation
391. Travel: Arranging a Tour of the City
392. Travel: Complaining about a Tour
393. Travel: Sightseeing
394. Travel: Making Alternate Plans
395. Travel: Shopping for Souvenirs
396. Travel: Trying to Find a Doctor
397. Travel: Losing the Wallet and Passport
398. Travel: Being Cautious in a Big City
399. Travel: Local Customs
400. Travel: Shuttle Bus at the Airport
401. Travel: Arriving Home
402. At a Hotel: Calling to Get a Reservation
403. At a Hotel: Checking into the Hotel
404. At a Hotel: Requesting a Wake-up Call
405. At a Hotel: Asking the Concierge for Sightseeing Advice
406. At a Hotel: Asking the Concierge for Restaurant Advice
407. At a Hotel: Talking to Room Service
408. At a Hotel: Calling to Report a Cockroach Problem (1)
409. At a Hotel: Calling to Report a Cockroach Problem (2)
410. At a Hotel: Asking about the Hotel Gym
411. At a Hotel: Asking for More Amenities
412. At a Hotel: Asking Where to Make a Copy
413. At a Hotel: Calling to Report a Medical Emergency
414. At a Hotel: Calling for a Wireless Connection
415. At a Hotel: Requesting More Supplies for the Minibar
416. At a Hotel: Asking about the Swimming Pool
417. At a Hotel: Getting a Taxi via the Front Desk
418. At a Hotel: Checking Out
419. At a Hotel: Disputing the Bill
420. At a Hotel: Storing Luggage for a Few Hours
421. At a Hotel: To Hold a Parcel for Pick-up
422. At a Hotel: Calling to Cancel a Reservation
423. Buying a House: First Meeting with a Realtor
424. Buying a House: Pre-Qualifying for a Loan
425. Buying a House: Setting up an Appointment to View Houses
426. Buying a House: Viewing Houses with a Realtor
427. Buying a House: Not Liking the Houses
428. Buying a House: Making an Offer through a Realtor
429. Buying a House: Discussing Counter-Offer with a Realtor
430. Buying a House: Re-offering and Acceptance
431. Buying a House: Going to an Open House with a Friend
432. Buying a House: Discussing Home Inspection with an Inspector
433. Buying a House: Signing Escrow Papers
434. Buying a House: Discussing Details of Moving in
435. Selling a House: First Appointment with Realtor
436. Selling a House: Marketing the House
437. Selling a House: Setting an Asking Price
438. Selling a House: Signing Contract With Realtor
439. Selling a House: Home Security During Listing
440. Selling a House: Fixing Up the Interior
441. Selling a House: Fixing Up the Exterior
442. Selling a House: Preparing for an Open House
443. Selling a House: Accepting an Offer
444. Selling a House: Counteroffer
445. Selling a House: Accepting a Counteroffer
446. Selling a House: Rejecting a Counteroffer
447. Selling a House: Deciding Which Offer to Accept
448. Selling a House: Deciding Whether to Carry Part of a Loan
449. Selling a House: Deed Transfer
450. Selling a House: Preparing to Move Out
451. Selling a House: Moving Day
452. In a New Neighborhood: What to Do in the Neighborhood
453. In a New Neighborhood: Meeting New People
454. In a New Neighborhood: To Have a Better Life
455. In a New Neighborhood: Where to Find a Church
456. In a New Neighborhood: Where to Find a Movie Theater
457. In a New Neighborhood: Where to Find Places to Eat
458. In a New Neighborhood: Where is the Nearest Mall
459. In a New Neighborhood: Looking for the Library
460. In a New Neighborhood: Searching for a Book in the Library
461. In a New Neighborhood: Hailing a Cab
462. In a New Neighborhood: Taking a Walk around a Park
463. In a New Neighborhood: Playing with Kids at the Park
464. In a New Neighborhood: Enrolling a Child in a New School
465. Crimes: Discussing a News Report on a Crime
466. Crimes: Discussing a Robbery
467. Crimes: Being Robbed
468. Crimes: Reporting a Break-in
469. Crimes: Witnessing a Robbery
470. Crimes: Picking a Suspect out of a Line-up
471. Crimes: Answering Questions of the Police
472. Crimes: Being Arrested
473. Crimes: Being Pulled Over
474. Crimes: Pleading Not Guilty in Court
475. Crimes: Being Set Free
476. Crimes: Discussing a Lawsuit against the Police
477. Crimes: Talking to a Lawyer
478. Crimes: Filing a Complaint at the Police Station
479. Voting: Election Day
480. Voting: Election System
481. Voting: Polling Place
482. Voting: Absentee Ballot
483. Voting: Speaking Negatively about the Candidate
484. Voting: Speaking Positively about the Candidate
485. Voting: Fundraising for Campaigns
486. Voting: Volunteering for Campaigns
487. Voting: Working at the Polling Place
488. Voting: Asking Questions at the Polling Place
489. Voting: Meeting Candidate before Voting
490. Voting: Interviewing a Voter
491. Voting: Excitement after Voting
492. Voting: Discussing Who You Voted For
493. Voting: Disappointed at the Result
494. Voting: Happy with the Result
495. Voting: Comments on the New President

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