A Smart Solution to Speak English Fluently
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Card Set:
Speaking Is Easy For Beginners

Description: This card set contains about 360 Easy English conversations with audio & text to improve your speaking skills.

Contents (Cards):

1. School Life: Buying Textbooks
2. School Life: Class Registration
3. School Life: Too Many Full Classes
4. School Life: First Day of School
5. School Life: A New Student
6. School Life: Last Minute
7. School Life: Forgetting It at Home
8. School Life: Doing the Right Thing
9. School Life: To Borrow It from the Library
10. School Life: Suspension
11. School Life: School and Work
12. School Life: Eating in Class
13. School Life: Livng in the Dorms
14. School Life: Popularity
15. School Life: The Vending Machine
16. School Life: Class Presentation
17. School Life: Show and Tell
18. School Life: Choosing Partners
19. School Life: A Laptop for School
20. School Life: Help from a Classmate
21. School Life: English Dictionary
22. School Life: The Bully
23. Jobs: Choosing a Job
24. Jobs: Money and Happiness
25. Jobs: A Job at 16
26. Jobs: Starting a Business
27. Jobs: You Have to Get a Job
28. Jobs: Finding a Job
29. Jobs: The Job Interview
30. Jobs: Being a Teacher
31. Jobs: The First Job
32. Jobs: A Bad First Day of Work
33. Jobs: Lunch Break
34. Jobs: Night Shift
35. Jobs: The Customer Is Always Right
36. Jobs: A Bad Customer
37. Jobs: Framed
38. Jobs: Should I Move?
39. Jobs: A Doctor or a Nurse?
40. Jobs: Overtime
41. Jobs: Asking for a Raise
42. Jobs: Night Owl
43. Housing: Key Confusion
44. Housing: A Nice Blue Color
45. Housing: Broken Window
46. Housing: Air Conditioning
47. Housing: Nails in the Wall
48. Housing: Christmas Decorations
49. Housing: Outdoor Barbeque
50. Housing: Roommates
51. Housing: Pets in the House
52. Housing: Late Mortgage Payment
53. Housing: Closet Space
54. Housing: The Big Announcement
55. Housing: Termites
56. Housing: Attic
57. Housing: House Warming Party
58. Housing: House Hunting
59. Housing: Lawn Management
60. Housing: A filthy Pool
61. Housing: Shingles
62. Housing: Raccoons
63. Housing: Noisy Neighbor
64. Housing: A Perfect Place
65. Housing: Furniture
66. Housing: Roommates
67. Taking the Bus: Bus Lines
68. Taking the Bus: Bus Schedule
69. Taking the Bus: Alternate Bus Route
70. Taking the Bus: Bus Tickets
71. Taking the Bus: Tap Card
72. Taking the Bus: Discounts
73. Taking the Bus: So Many Bus lines
74. Taking the Bus: Muni Bus
75. Taking the Bus: Bus Route
76. Taking the Bus: Metro
77. Taking the Bus: Big Luggage
78. Taking the Bus: Buying Tickets on the Bus
79. Taking the Bus: Window Seat
80. Taking the Bus: Seating
81. Taking the Bus: Outlets and Wifi
82. Taking the Bus: Wheelchair
83. Taking the Bus: Sleeping Neighbor
84. Taking the Bus: Falling Asleep on the Bus
85. Taking the Bus: Eating on the Bus
86. Taking the Bus: Baby On the Bus
87. Taking the Bus: Chatty Neighbor
88. Taking the Bus: Lost a Ticket
89. Taking the Bus: Tap Card Trouble
90. Taking the Bus: Overnight Buses
91. Taking the Bus: Standing in Line
92. Taking the Bus: Sleeping on the Greyhound
93. Social Networking: Online Accounts
94. Social Networking: Joining Facebook
95. Social Networking: Profile Picture
96. Social Networking: Birthdate
97. Social Networking: Private Messaging
98. Social Networking: Pictures on Facebook
99. Social Networking: Foreign Friends
100. Social Networking: Facebook Games
101. Social Networking: Detention
102. Social Networking: Pictures on Facebook
103. Social Networking: Too Irresponsible
104. Social Networking: Deleting My Profile
105. Social Networking: Blogging
106. Social Networking: Tumblr Famous
107. Social Networking: Application Obsession
108. Banking: Different Bank Accounts
109. Banking: Opening a Bank Account
110. Banking: Asking about Checks
111. Banking: Making a Deposit
112. Banking: Making a Withdrawal
113. Banking: A Bounced Check
114. Banking: Transferring Money
115. Banking: Cashing a Check
116. Banking: Canceling a Check
117. Banking: Over Withdrawal
118. Banking: Using ATM
119. Banking: ATM Card Being Declined
120. Banking: Asking about Fees
121. Banking: Paying Fees
122. Banking: Minimum Balance Requirement
123. Banking: Not Getting a Bank Statement
124. Banking: Reporting Wrong Charges
125. Banking: Opening a Savings Account
126. Banking: Canceling an Account
127. Dating: Should I?
128. Dating: Dating Two People
129. Dating: Personality
130. Dating: A Forgotten Anniversary
131. Dating: Paying the Restaurant Bill
132. Dating: Stood Up
133. Dating: Money Lover
134. Dating: Date Locations
135. Dating: Breaking Up
136. Dating: Dating After College
137. Dating: A Bad Boyfriend
138. Dating: The Worst Date
139. Dating: Maybe Marriage
140. Dating: Meeting the Parents
141. Dating: Sending a Drink
142. Dating: The First Kiss
143. Dating: The Perfect Date
144. Dating: Double Date
145. Dating: A Fairy Tale
146. Dating: A Shorter Man
147. Dating: Who's Prettier?
148. Driving: Going Slow
149. Driving: Driving Fast to Work
150. Driving: Feeling Unsafe
151. Driving: Carpooling to School
152. Driving: Decorating the Car
153. Driving: Scratching the Car
154. Driving: Scared for Life
155. Driving: Santa Anita Mall
156. Driving: Asking Dad for a Car
157. Driving: Customized License Plate
158. Driving: A Long Trip
159. Driving: My Car Was Stolen
160. Driving: Buying a New Car
161. Driving: Put Your Seatbelt On
162. Driving: California Driving Test
163. Driving: Switching Lanes
164. Driving: Watch the Walker
165. Driving: The Fancy Car
166. Driving: To Get a Ride
167. Driving: Bird Poop
168. Driving: Running Out of Gas
169. Driving: Crazy Traffic
170. Driving: Oil Change
171. Shopping: Nice Shoes
172. Shopping: A Salesperson
173. Shopping: A Woman's Eye
174. Shopping: Choosing Flowers
175. Shopping: Picky Shopper
176. Shopping: Buying a Bicycle
177. Shopping: Online Shopping
178. Shopping: Bargaining
179. Shopping: A Bad Employee
180. Shopping: A Hat
181. Shopping: Skateboard
182. Sports: Joining a Club
183. Sports: Swimming (1)
184. Sports: Swimming (2)
185. Sports: Soccer Ball
186. Sports: Running
187. Sports: Basketball
188. Sports: Badminton
189. Sports: Baseball
190. Sports: Boxing
191. Sports: Track Racing
192. Sports: Cycling
193. Sports: Snowboard
194. Sports: Hockey
195. Sports: Roller Rinks
196. Sports: That's Not a Sport!
197. Sports: Watching Soccer Games
198. Sports: Sports Shop
199. Sports: Dodgers Fan
200. Sports: Playing Hockey
201. Sports: Soccer Mom
202. Social Happenings: Getting a Ride
203. Social Happenings: Going to the Movies
204. Social Happenings: You Need Coffee
205. Social Happenings: Banquet Attire
206. Social Happenings: A Slow Party
207. Social Happenings: Where is the Bathroom
208. Social Happenings: Anime Expo
209. Social Happenings: Dancing
210. Social Happenings: Hanging Out
211. Social Happenings: Sending Invitations
212. Social Happenings: At a Dinner Party
213. Social Happenings: Amusement Parks
214. Social Happenings: At a Supermarket
215. Social Happenings: Hopeless Husband Gift Exchange
216. Social Happenings: Silent Rave
217. Social Happenings: Making New Friends
218. Daily Life: Guitar Lessons
219. Daily Life: Spyware
220. Daily Life: A Public Pool
221. Daily Life: A Get-Well Card
222. Daily Life: Ceiling Fans
223. Daily Life: An Earthquake
224. Daily Life: Shiny Shoes
225. Daily Life: A Community Tree
226. Daily Life: The Phone Bill
227. Daily Life: Like James Bond
228. Daily Life: Rain Gods
229. Daily Life: A New Phone
230. Daily Life: Pets
231. Daily Life: Vacation Time
232. Daily Life: Flying on an Airplane
233. Family Matters: My Shark Sister
234. Family Matters: Family Reunions
235. Family Matters: Playing Outside
236. Family Matters: Mother's Day
237. Family Matters: Father's Day
238. Family Matters: New Webcams
239. Family Matters: Mother and Son
240. Family Matters: An Afternoon Fishing
241. Family Matters: Be Yourself
242. Family Matters: Watch Your Brother
243. Family Matters: A Day at the Beach
244. Family Matters: Snow Fight
245. Family Matters: Family Photo
246. Family Matters: Weekend at Grandma's
247. Family Matters: Having a Brother
248. Family Matters: Sisterly Advice
249. Family Matters: Brotherly Love
250. American Foods: Fruit or Vegetable
251. American Foods: Frozen Or Take-Out
252. American Foods: Cake
253. American Foods: Snacks
254. American Foods: Apples
255. American Foods: Paper Gum
256. American Foods: Bubble Tea
257. American Foods: Chopsticks
258. American Foods: Bowl Noodles
259. American Foods: Mystery Meat
260. American Foods: Going Dutch
261. American Foods: Frozen Yogurt
262. American Foods: Imported Chocolates
263. American Foods: Strawberry Banana
264. American Foods: Fish and Chips
265. American Foods: Sour Cream
266. American Foods: Don't Spoil Your Dinner
267. American Foods: Cotton Candy
268. American Foods: Bacon
269. American Foods: Berry Confusing
270. American Foods: Garlic
271. Eating Out: Where to Eat
272. Eating Out: Spicy Is the Best
273. Eating Out: Popular Hot Dogs
274. Eating Out: A New Item
275. Eating Out: The Long Line Outside
276. Eating Out: Getting a Sandwich
277. Eating Out: The Picky Eater
278. Eating Out: Out of Iced Tea
279. Eating Out: Allergic
280. Eating Out: This Chicken Is So Plain
281. Eating Out: Food Poisoning
282. Eating Out: Breakfast for Dinner
283. Eating Out: A Far Trip for Food
284. Eating Out: An Expensive Bill
285. Eating Out: Chopsticks
286. Eating Out: The Beauty of Buffets
287. Eating Out: To Tip or Not to Tip
288. Eating Out: Give Him a Good Tip
289. Eating Out: Weird Water
290. Eating Out: The Faithful Customer
291. Eating Out: Food at 1 A.M.
292. Eating Out: Free Water.
293. Health: Caught a Cold
294. Health: Emergency Kit
295. Health: Running a Fever
296. Health: A Disease
297. Health: Face Mask
298. Health: Emergency: Swallowed Coin
299. Health: Emergency: Concussion
300. Health: Eating Doughnuts
301. Health: Too Much Coffee
302. Health: Health Club Membership
303. Health: Cramp While Swimming
304. Health: Wait 30 Minutes
305. Health: Yoga
306. Health: Marathon
307. Health: Deer Ticks
308. Health: Insomnia
309. Health: Hair Brush
310. Health: A Hair Treatment
311. Health: Sprained Ankle
312. Health: Blurry Vision
313. Health: Healthy Snacks
314. Health: A Good Chiropractor
315. Health: Broken Legs
316. Health: Losing Weight
317. Health: Washing Hands
318. Nature: Four Seasons
319. Nature: Going Camping
320. Nature: Trees
321. Nature: Flowers
322. Nature: Bees
323. Nature: Poison Ivy
324. Nature: Sunburn
325. Nature: Waterfalls
326. Nature: Rain
327. Nature: Snow
328. Nature: Cloud Watching
329. Nature: Lightning and Thunder
330. Nature: Rocks
331. Nature: Grass Whistle
332. Nature: Snails
333. Nature: Birds or Cats
334. Nature: Wolves
335. Safety: Helmets
336. Safety: Seatbelt
337. Safety: Night Time
338. Safety: Pepper Spray
339. Safety: Self Defense
340. Safety: Peeling Potatoes
341. Safety: Sleeping with Cell Phones
342. Safety: ATM
343. Safety: Texting While Driving
344. Safety: Police Officers
345. Safety: Webcam
346. Safety: House Key
347. Safety: Public Transport
348. Safety: Online Accounts
349. Safety: Pit-bull Ban
350. Safety: Pool Toys
351. Safety: Just In Case
352. Safety: Taser
353. Safety: Diseases
354. Safety: Supervision
355. Voting: Civic Duty
356. Voting: The Great Divide
357. Voting: School Election
358. Voting: Losing Stereotypes
359. Voting: Freedom of Choice
360. Voting: Obamacare
361. Voting: Rock the Vote
362. Voting: Voter ID
363. Voting: Voting Age
364. Voting: Proxy Voting

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