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Lottery Terms and Conditions

The main purpose of this contest is to promote a valuable English learning software and encourage users by real cash prizes in the same time.
Whenever we have 1000 new user, we do random selection for one user to win 1000$ cash prize, this selection is include on ALL our users every time NOT just the new ones. Therefore if you are don't win in the first selection your name will be remain in all the next selections until you win.
Increase your chance to win by inviting people to use the program using your referral link, you will get half the prize 500$ for each winner you invited without losing your name in the next selection.

After winning you can continue inviting others and share them half the prize.

For example:

If "mark" invites "john" and "john" wins then each one will receive $500, "mark" will remain in the next selection to win 1000$ and each of them can continue inviting people without limits.
Money transfer to the winners by Western Union money transfer service without the need of bank account only using name and address after contacting with the winner.
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